Hello and welcome to Green Being Creations! I'm Jenn. I'm 26. I went to college at Johnson & Wales University in 2010 to become a chef. Shout out to all my JWU Alumni!! While in College I took a Wellness and Sustainability concentration that motivated me to change my life style for the better in so many ways. I took a step towards health by becoming a pescatarian back in 2013

Upcoming Events

Teaching others what I know is something I truly enjoy doing. There’s no greater feeling than being tagged in an Instagram post by a subscriber that tested out one my recipes that literally became the highlight of their party. The Green Being Private Lessons allows me to have intimate experiences with my fellow green beings. Whether is be a unique bachelorette party or a fun birthday extravaganza, your really can’t go wrong. By completing this form, your helping Chef Jenn create a custom lesson plan for and your party.

I have over five years of experience transitioning my diet. I went from the traditional American meat and potatoes diet to a pescatarian, then vegetarian, and now vegan. Transforming my own diet has taught me numerous ways on how to do so successfully. If you are interested in doing what I did, connect with me. I can help you transition your diet in one year if you are willing to follow my guidelines. My service will provide grocery list, recipes, helpful tips, diet education, and "homework".

Working in this industry can be hard work. When you have no clue how to price and market yourself, getting clients can be super dreadful and discouraging. If that’s the rut your in, let’s dig you out together. Learn a few tricks of the trade by becoming my virtual apprentice. I will walk you through website design, pricing, marketing, and business planning.



Personal Chef

Being a personal chef allows me to connect with my clients on a much deeper level. I can truly personalize menus to their dietary needs. I enjoy exploring new realms in the kitchen and I look forward to the opportunity of doing so with you.

Small Events Catering

Are you interested in hosting dinner parties with easy clean up? Interested in catering for small events such as brunches, luncheons, birthdays, or intimate weddings?

The Bakery

Baking has always had a special place in my heart. From the time I took on my very first job in a bakery as assistant pastry chef, I fell in love. I enjoy turning classic desserts that we all know and love into healthier options. I use no white granulated sugars or bleached flours in my desserts.