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How Plan your Wedding Ceremony in a City Park | Charlotte Mecklenburg: Independence Park | The Rose Garden

Independence park is a huge park that has a smaller area within it called the Rose Garden. That is where we had our ceremony. The Rose Garden is absolutely beautiful and I fell in love with the space as soon as I saw it. It was also only $52 bucks an hour to rent which helped us to make the decision quite quickly. I also loved the various ways of entry.

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21 Questions of Need to Know Venue Information | Wedding Planning

Ok, so... its no surprise that I'm planning a wedding. The real surprise is that I'm gonna help you plan yours. Every bride deserves to have a stress free venue selection. I've put together 21 questions that'll help you select a venue that fits your budget best. I've even given my you guys an open book review on the Venue Joe and I decided to go with for our wedding. Not only that, I've answered all 21 questions for our venue. Our wedding will be held at Harvey B. Gantt Center so if your getting married there, your welcome. :) JK. But Seriously, I hope these questions are helpful to you ladies or gents. Happy Planning!!

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Wedding Planning: Day of Itineraries for the Bride & Groom

Try multitasking as much as possible during the pre-ceremony time. For example, I will be getting my hair and make up done at the same time. I will also order lunch during this time and eat in between getting ready. If you have bridesmaids that will be getting their hair and makeup done with you before the ceremony, make sure to give them an expected time of arrival. Also, after consulting my stylist, she recommended 30 min prep times for hair and makeup. Keep that in mind also. Only you know exactly how you want your day to be so take some time to run through each section mentally and assign time stamps that work for you.

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Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry Review

Crate & Barrel is a home good store. They are in the moderate to high spending range and their collections are often unique and of great quality. Needless to say, Joe and I love this store! We've been gifted crate & barrel things numerous times from my mother. We decided to go to the Crate and Barrel at the Grove. The Grove is an out door mall that houses a bunch of cool shops and restaurants. There's a Cheesecake Factory, AMC theatre, and a Giant three Nike store that Joe obsesses over.

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Pros and Cons of a Two Year Engagement

It's coming up on year one of our engagement and its been quite a journey. I presented the idea of a two-year engagement to Joe aka my fianc-bae. (Welcome newbies!!) I figured it would be beneficial for us seeing as how I'm not working, it'd give us the extra time we needed to finance the wedding. There are a couple of pros and cons that come along with a two-year engagement. Any newly engaged women can benefit from this post. If a two-year engagement is your plan, here are some things to consider. Hopefully, they're helpful. 

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Wedding Planning Overload

First, lets get out in the open that being newly engaged is some what of an awkward stage in a young women's life. I constantly introduce Joe as my boy-fianc-hus-friend. I later clear things up by making the intro even longer saying, "soon to be husband" instead of just calling him my fiance in the first place. Fiance is such a fancy word for "We're engaged now" and its a little intimidating to say at my age. Which leads to the next thing, being engaged at 24 is also awkward. I love my hus-friend to death.

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