Vegan Apple Pie | @thegreenbeingbakery EXCLUSIVE

First, let me say that this recipe is fool proof. It is sooo easy to make and even easier to eat. Take this with you to any holiday party and you'll be the star of the show. Apple pies hold a special place in my heart because its the first pie I've ever made. Now its also the first vegan pie I've ever made. There will certainly be more to come. If you're in love with this recipe but don't wanna make it your self just hire me!! Place an order with The Green Being Bakery

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Wedding Planning: Day of Itineraries for the Bride & Groom

Try multitasking as much as possible during the pre-ceremony time. For example, I will be getting my hair and make up done at the same time. I will also order lunch during this time and eat in between getting ready. If you have bridesmaids that will be getting their hair and makeup done with you before the ceremony, make sure to give them an expected time of arrival. Also, after consulting my stylist, she recommended 30 min prep times for hair and makeup. Keep that in mind also. Only you know exactly how you want your day to be so take some time to run through each section mentally and assign time stamps that work for you.

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