Vegan in Atlanta

Sevananda : Co-op Market

Do you know what’s in your food and where it comes from? Food you can trust is what it’s all about.

Do you know what’s in your food and where it comes from? Food you can trust is what it’s all about.

Sevananda is a 100% vegan/vegetarian consumer-owned co-operative. They offer memberships which includes special perks and discounts however, you do not have to be a co-op member to shop or eat there. This was our first stop on the trip and also where we spent most of our time. They had every vegan thing known to man in that store!! We found vegan pringles, vegan jerky, and even a vegan HAMBURGER HELPER!! What is life!! I hope you guys enjoy these pictures captured in the store.

Yogi Tea Galore!!

Yogi Tea Galore!!


Revolution Doughnuts

Revolution Doughnuts is not a 100% vegan doughnut shop however, they offer a wide variety of vegan options. While Joe and I were there we got six which let each of us choose three. I choose the carrot cake, cinnamon apple fritter, and the orange pistachio yeast doughnuts. Joe picked, chocolate blackout cake, true blueberry yeast, and the raspberry sprinkle yeast doughnuts. My favorite of all three ranked the carrot cake being number one, apple fritter number two, and my least favorite being the orange pistachio being number three. The glaze was delicious and the pistachios added a nice crunch but the yeast doughnut itself was just too thick. It didn’t have a light and airy texture like one would expect. I was dense and heavy. The doughnut itself was a heavy doughnut and had begun to get rather chewy after being left with just the dough part and no sweet icing. To not end on such a somber note. Their carrot cake is one I would highly recommend. The cake is moist the icing ratio is just right and the yummy chunks of fresh pineapple and walnuts you get through the donut is AMAZING!! 10 out of 10 on that one. The apple fritter was delicious flavor wise and had nice chunks of real cinnamon apple chunks throughout however when you get to the middle, the doughnut begins to pick up a doughy texture somewhat like their yeast doughnut recipe. Flavor wise this doughnut is delicious but it sucks I wasn’t able to eat the middle of it. To get a better understanding on the doughnut texture please check out my Vegan in ATL vlog on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


Plant-based Pizzeria


Plant-based Pizzeria was amazing!! They are 100% vegan with a limited menu consisting of calzones, burgers, and pizzas of course. They are a bit on the pricey side but are certainly worth it. We ordered the Hawaiian pizza and it did not disappoint.

They opened earlier this year (2019). They’re set up is kind of like a carry out feel. They offer this cool grass seating which is where we sat and ate our pizza. There was another group of three young ladies sitting on the benches as well and there was more than enough space. If you’re expecting to sit down and be served then this is not the place for you but as a vegan visiting the ATL you don’t want that to deter you from their goodness. I really wish we were there an extra day to try another pizza but when I tell you they did not disappoint, you will believe me!!

So Jenn, what makes this place unique? Well I’m glad you asked. How about their delicious crust!! They use spelt flour along with multiple herbs and spices. The crust is so delicious and crispy. I can NOT say enough that this pizza was amazing. I really wish I had their pizza dough recipe because I literally would eat pizza everyday if I did. I’m not sure what vegan cheese alternative they use but I do know that they make their own vegan bacon and “chix” from seitan.

I see great things for this business in the future. I look forward to visiting them again the next time we visit to the ATL!!

Herban Fix

Herban Fix is what I would consider to be an upscale vegan PF Changs. I say that because their menu has an asian flare to it. It was recommended to us by one of good my college friends. We actually met up with him and his boyfriend at the restaurant for dinner which explains all the extra plates. :) Because we’d eaten so much throughout the day already, Joe and I decided to split an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Our friends (VJ and Brandon) also shared small samples of their plates so we were able to taste a good bit of the menu. We ordered the spicy pan seared dumplings w/ kimchi as our app and the crispy king oyster glazed w/ sesame soy au jus as our entree. VJ and Brandon ordered the steamed buns w/ . crispy soy duck, cucumber, peanut, & cilantro and the vegetable spring rolls w/ glass noodles and turmeric sauce as apps. Their entrees were Grilled eggplant topped w. basil & minced garlic and Curried rice noodle w. mushrooms & seasonal vegetables.

I really enjoyed all three apps. The one that surprised me the most was the crispy duck in the steamed bun. I’d never tried a steamed bun before because I hate dumplings and for some reason imagined them having that exact same doughy texture as a dumpling would but they didn’t. The bun was completely cooked though. The texture was soft but not doughy. The seared dumplings and spring rolls were amazing too but kind of typical. They taste like apps I’ve had here in Charlotte but the steamed bun w/ crispy duck is definitely worth ordering during your first visit. Our entree was a different story and that’s kind of my fault. I read the menu and saw crispy oyster mushroom and thought it would be sorta like fried asian chicken style if that makes sense. Well I completely overlooked the KING word in the menu which makes it a completely different mushroom altogether. King oyster mushrooms are very thick with the majority of their “meat“ being in their stem. The stem is the chewiest texture of the mushroom which made this enjoy a crispy chewy mess. The flavor of the dish itself was good but the texture was bit too chewy for me. I wish we’d read the menu a bit more and chosen something else. Joe enjoyed it. His only complaint was the serving size. He felt we paid to much for such small servings. VJ and Brandon loved their food and both said they’d order it again.

One thing I can tell you for certain is that they have these desserts on LOCK! We tried two out of the six they offer and we were not let down one bit. I recommend this place to anyone missing a meal with some nice asian inspiration and clean flavors. I do have a little suggestion. I suggest you hang around the app and dessert area. Their entrees seem appealing but may not be satisfying to a vegan newbie. They’re apps have familiar flavors and you really can’t go wrong with dessert. We went with chocolate mousse and they had the chocolate peanut butter cake. I hope this was helpful. To learn more about this restaurant please visit their website.

Jennifer Lewis