My Vegan Valentine | Event Wrap-up

This past Valentine’s Day, I gained experience hosting my very first event for Green Being Creations. I was so nervous. But let’s back up so I can tell you exactly what My Vegan Valentine was all about. It was a 5-course plated dinner with vegan wine pairing. I created the menu based on seasonal items and a bit of a twist on some of my favorite southern cuisine.

Welcome to the first course, Lovers Quarrel. It was a four part small plate appetizer course. The first app was a cream of cauliflower shooter. It tasted like a whipped potato soup!! It was so good. Whipped cauliflower creates such an airy light texture that you really can not replicate with any other vegetable.

Next is a taste of the sea pan seared trumpet scallop mushroom with citrus blanc cream sauce. This scallop was bursting with flavor and thanks to my actual scallop eating chef friends that actually sampled them helped me come up with the best time and cooking method for preparing them in just the right way.

On Valentines Day, I had to incorporate spaghetti and meatballs some kind of way. It’s such a romantic food. I made a lentil and beyond sausage meatball. They were then air fried it for the ultimate perfection. The outside was nice and toasted while the inside remained moist and flavorful. A meatball like this couldn’t have been paired with anything short of an amazing scratch made vodka sauce and pine nut grated “parm”.

Last but certainly not least we had a yummy mango bruschetta. Not much can be said about this one except that it was simplistic yet delicious. Mango, balsamic caramelized onions, heirloom tomatoes, and fresh basil. What more could you ask for? how about all of that topped on an herb oil crostini.


The second course on the menu is Lets Kale Together. The baby kale was purchased from a local NC farm. The kale was massaged with a creamy cashew dressing then tossed in warm roasted golden beets, rice paper bacon, fresh heirloom tomato, and cucumber.


The third course on the menu was Stuff Me with Your Love. Stuff me with your love was my favorite dish to create. I love italian food and I love creating healthier food options that are full of flavor so this up was right up my ally! The base for the roll was zucchini strips grilled in herb oil then filled with sun-dried tofu cashew ricotta, rolled then baked in the oven until lightly golden on the edges. I paired this dish with a homemade vodka marinara sauce and crispy italian air fried shiitake mushrooms.


The four course on the menu was Yours Truly Chicken. I created this dish keeping in my a southern flare. I wanted to put a twist on fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I made a creamy cauliflower and purple potato puree. I paired so nicely with the agave glazed carrots and added an excellent pop of color on the plate. To make up the chicken component I used oyster mushrooms. I battered them in coconut milk, hot sauce, acv, and spices, then dredges them in a flour spice mixture twice over. The air fried would do them justice so they were then deep fried in peanut oil until golden. To tie everything together I glazed over the entire plate with pomegranate glaze.

Last but certainly not least was The Last Dance Trifle. It truly earned its name by creating a party in your mouth with every bite. This dessert was quite the challenge to get perfect. I originally tried to color the cake with beet powder which made the cake even darker. From there I switched to beet juice but still wasn’t getting the color I was desiring. I ultimately had to grate fresh beet then puree it into a smooth cream to color the cake. The color was amazing, it taste amazing, and who doesn’t want a dessert with a hidden serving of vegetables? The cake was layered then topped with white chocolate cream cheese mousse, chocolate ganache, and pomegranate glaze twice over.

Jennifer Lewis