Beyond Burger v.s Impossible Burger | Whats the Difference?

Everyone loves a good burger. In my case, its always been a good veggie patty. I thought that having a beef burger again would be beyond impossible for me. But two companies decided to take seven precious years to develop burgers that not only provided the sense of beef burgers but they also cooked, bled, charred like a classic beef patty. Over the past few months, I had the pleasure of enjoying both the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger and the Impossible Foods Impossible Burger. After trying both patties and conducting a bit of research, there are notable differences between the two. 

Beyond Meat | Beyond Burger

What is it and whats in it? The Beyond burger is a 100% plant-based burger that looks cooks, and taste like a real beef burger. Although the patty is a 100% plant-based patty, It still must be cooked in some form (grilled, pan-fried, or griddled) before consumption. This is a pea protein-based burger.

How is it so similar to beef?  Now that's a great question and the main one I wanted to be answered. Well to my surprise, the elements that are contained in beef are elements that can also be found in plants. Those elements are amino acids, lipids, trace elements, carbs, and minerals. 

But it Bleeds!! Well, actually that's not blood. They use beets to give their patties that red beefy color and during the cooking process the "bloody beet juice" seeps out giving the illusion of a bleeding burger. 

Where can I find this burger? Visit the Beyond Meats website to find your nearest grocery store that carries the beyond burger.

Honest Review: In my option, beyond meats has done a great job providing a wonderful turkey or Angus burger alternative. Although it does cook, look and bleed like a beef patty. I did not get the taste of a classic patty like I was expecting. When I think of a beef burger, I imagine the McDonalds Big Mac because as a kid I just couldn't have enough of them. Overall the burger is a wonderful addition to any vegan or non-vegans fridge. Give it a try and make the decision for yourself. The pros of the burger are that it is soy free, protein-packed and environmentally friendly. These burgers can actually be found in grocery stores and I know I'll be bringing them along to a good bit of cookouts this year. Thanks to Beyond Meats for an Angus burger I can be proud to bring along with me!


Impossible Foods | Impossible Burger

What is it and whats in it? The Impossible burger is a 100% plant-based beef alternative patty that can be formed into meatballs and ground "beef" crumbles. The components of the actual patty are wheat protein, potato protein, vitamins, amino acids, sugars, and heme. Heme is a molecule that carries oxygen in the blood and also the reason blood is red. Heme can be found in plants and Impossible Foods ferments their heme to give their patties the blood red color.

How is it so similar to beef? Like the Beyond Burger, the Impossible burger creators found the same beef elements in plants to create their patties.

But it Bleeds!! Yea, I know. We kind of discussed the bloody appearance when we talked about whats in it. They use plant heme to color their patties. The main difference between plant heme and beet juice is that the heme provides a deeper red color and once it cooks out of the "beef" the color then turns into that beefy brown that we are all used to seeing in real beef patties.

Where can I find this Burger? Visit Impossible Foods website to find the nearest restaurant that carries the impossible burger.

Honest Review: The Impossible burger gives the real sensation of a beef patty. It looks and tastes like actual beef and I feel the heme component in their patties is the main reason why. Now before you say that they are hands down the winners, I want to share a few cons. The impossible burger is not sold in any grocery stores to my knowledge which means that they can only be eaten if purchased at a restaurant. To be honest, having to eat out everytime I'm craving a little beef isn't Ideal for me. That means that I'll never be able to cook and customize the meat to my own specifications which is a bit of a letdown. Also, even though this burger wins in the taste department, Wheat protein is their main component which means the gluten-free community will never have a chance to enjoy this patty. At the end of the day, Impossible Foods did do the impossible by providing an almost identical beef-like product and I look forward to the day that they open up their product to grocery stores. 


I hope you guys enjoy this post. It was blast typing it. If you'll are interested in any more honest reviews and "Whats the Difference?" post shoot me a comment!

As always, be blessed and stay stress free!! Remember, its always a choice.


Jennifer Lewis