Where do I begin? Well, were not in Cali anymore. We've officially ventured back to the east coast. Now, how has that been? Bittersweet. I'm super excited to be home and surrounded by my family and friends but on the other hand, I'm super overwhelmed being surrounded by my family and friends. I hope that makes sense. Mostly because I feel like we're definitely behind on the eightball. Moving back home literally drained us. BTW, I'm soo not implying that I sick of my family and friends. What I'm saying is being around others often equals spending money. It's so easy to grab a bite to catch up with friends especially if you don't have an apt to welcome them too. We're still in the midst of finding jobs and an apt. I love that we moved but I really wish we were better prepared. Being prepared is that part of adulting that we just haven't been able to balance just yet. It's all a process right? Well, at least that's what I like to believe. Part of relocating is getting your feet on the ground. The other part is making sure that you're where you want to be. We're where we want to be but right now we're still trying to land on our feet. Everything is a process so I'm not trying to get too wrapped into how things are right now. I'm pretty sure you guys know by now how I feel about optimism. But if you don't, optimism is everything. It's super important to me that I speak life into every situation and phase of life that I'm in. Living positively is the most fruitful part of living. regardless of how bright or how dim your light may be at the moment, your outlook can change everything. So pray for us ( Me and Joe) and we will pray for you guys in return. BE blessed and stay stress free and remember that it is always a choice. 

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