21 Questions of Need to Know Venue Information | Wedding Planning

Ok, so... its no surprise that I'm planning a wedding. The real surprise is that I'm gonna help you plan yours. Every bride deserves to have a stress free venue selection. I've put together 21 questions that'll help you select a venue that fits your budget best. I've even given my you guys an open book review on the Venue Joe and I decided to go with for our wedding. Not only that, I've answered all 21 questions for our venue. Our wedding will be held at Harvey B. Gantt Center so if your getting married there, your welcome. :) JK. But Seriously, I hope these questions are helpful to you ladies or gents. Happy Planning!!

21 Questions of Need to Know Venue Information Before Booking

1. How many guests does this space accommodate? We went with the largest package they offer for ceremony + reception and that package accommodates 160 guest.

2. How long do I have the rental space for? From setup to break down… not just my event. Setup at the gantt center starts at 3pm. You have 2 hours after the wedding for break down.

3. What time will my other vendors be able to arrive and set-up? Weddings have many different moving parts. Keep in mind the DJ, caterer, bakery, and other vendors that need to setup on your big day. Vendors can arrive at 3pm for set-up also.

4. Do you allow outside caterers? Yes. The Gantt allows outside caterers for an addition fee of $450.00.

5. Is there a limit on the number of walk-throughs and rehearsals I can do? Some venues require you to schedule an appointment to have a meeting or rehearsal. I have yet to be told about a limit and I bother Chanel (Gantt Event Director) with emails all the time. You do have to schedule appointments to meet with her.

6. Do venue prices vary depending on the day of the week? No. the prices are based on packages and not days of the week. 

7. Do you have ABC liquor law restrictions? Yes. All alcohol must be provided by the gantt. Guest can be escorted out of the wedding if they a caught drinking outside alcohol.

8. Are there any table, chair, or linen rentals included in my package price? Yes!! 3ft round tables (10) 5ft round tables (15) 6ft banquet tables (8) 8ft banquet tables (4) Stand up / Cocktail tables (15) Grey Chairs (200) Podium and Microphone (2)

9. Do you have any preferred vendors that may cut me a deal at booking? Vendors to consider are DJ’s, party rentals, caterers, photographers/videographers etc. No. No vendor I have come across has offered me a discount for booking them through the gantt. 

10. Do you know of any previous brides that booked here that I may reach out to? Soon to be ME!!

11. Will your day of event staff need a meal? Some venues require 1 meal per employee working the event. Yes, as a courtesy you should take it upon yourself to offer a meal. These people are working super hard to make your day special and they will be there from 3pm - after midnight setting up and taking down your event space.

12. What options do I have in terms of announcing my bridal party? Stairs, escalators, elevators, etc. You have all three options. Chanel is very thorough with her brides.

13. How does the deposit and payment process work? %50 deposit of the package you select is due at booking. the rest is due in-full 30 days prior to your event. After your deposit, they will not accept any money prior to your due date.

14. Can I light candles in your space? Some venues are strict about indoor fire. Yes, candles are welcome.

15. Can I do a sparkler send-off? Again, possible fire restrictions Yes, sparklers are welcome.

16. Is parking provided? at an additional fee of $5 guest can park in the duke energy building which is directly across the street.

17. Do you recommend a hotel in this area for guest accommodations? There are many hotels in the uptown area that allow make accommodations for guest.

18. How do you’ll handle acclimate weather if it were to be the case during the day of my event? In the case of a roof top ceremony, your event will be moved inside to the pavilion area which to me, doesn't have the best lighting. Just pray for good weather.

19. What is your refund policy? No refunds on your deposit. However, if anything else was to happen in between that 30 day window after your full payment, your money will be refunded.

20. Are there age restrictions on guest? This is mainly the case with children if you book at really fancy venues. Nope

21. Do you’ll provide a day of coordinator? Most venues do but with limited services, meaning they may work your event but not set it up. Be clear with this question! They do provide a day of coordinator but I also reccomend having someone you trust there overseeing everything to insure your day goes smooth.

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