California vs. Carolina Should We Stay or Should We Go?

It's been a minute since I've just posted my thoughts. So I think it's overdue that I get back into that routine. As you know, Joe and I live in California now. We do not like it at all. Well, that's not exactly true, we don't like where we live at all. We live in Koreatown which is close to downtown and it absolutely sucks. Our car was broken into TWICE. Yes Y'all, twice!! But that's not all, our ceiling caved in on us, our sink is falling apart, the floor is separating from the shower, and bugs are moving into this apartment like they pay rent!! In North Carolina, for the amount of rent we pay, not only could we get more than a 500 sq ft studio, we'd get at least a two bedroom! Anyway, this post isn't a vent fest! I'm posting this to get my thoughts out on the pros and cons of both places. Hopefully, I can refer back to this later and it'll help us make the decision when the time comes. I'm warning you now, this post is gonna be all over the place. Sorta like my brain is on this topic.

I love LA because of the vegan community. North Carolina certainly doesn't show vegans nearly as much love! We've found such a great vegan community and plethora of vegan restaurants that just don't exist in NC. Which, to be honest, is both a good and bad thing. We eat out way more here than we do in NC. But then again, the vegan festivals here are BOMB! Which makes it easier for us to make like-minded friends. I really don't know guys. 

LA is also better for business. Because the vegan community is so large here, I feel like its the perfect place to start my bakery. Well, my bakery is already started actually. Place an order why don't you! Since I've been here my demand has definitely gone up. In 2016 I literally only made one $5 sale and that was to my cousin. This year, I've made $210 bucks and the years not even over yet. Grant it, I have gotten way better at marketing myself this year compared to the previous, that's still a big frigging profit jump. Plus, being an entrepreneur here feels a bit easier. Plus the vegan scene is bigger. I can't stress that enough. 

Another reason I'm conflicted about the move is gardening! I absolutely love gardening. Grant it, I haven't gardened since we left NC, Cali weather makes gardening year round a breeze. Our apartment now only has one window that literally shows out to a wall and I wouldn't dare put my plants outside. If they broke into our car, stealing our food would be a cakewalk for them. Whoever "them" is seeing as how the police officers have yet to find the person even though they were caught on surveillance. But I dream of our house having an orange, lemon, and avocado tree in the backyard along with strawberry bushes, peppers, onions, melons, well you get the point. My garden would be on FLEEK here. In the long run, I can really see us settling down here simply based on the garden perks alone.

My main issue is housing. Because I hate where we live right now, I really just wanna go back home. But I've been watching way too much HGTV lately and I can really see the potential in getting a fixer-upper here and turning it into our dream home! 

Okay Jenn, what about Carolina! Oh yeah, I miss my family! We're here all alone and we have made a pretty good group of church friends but no one holds a candle to your family. I miss everyone!! My friends, my family, my nieces, and nephews. Plus, when we decide to start having little ones, I want my family to be a part of that. But to be honest my family is really the only pro about moving back home. Well them and the cost of living.

Living in Cali is just expensive no matter how you spin it. Carolina will always win in that department! Well, I think that's all I've got on the brain right now. We've got an entire year plus to decide. I'll keep you updated on any drastic decisions we decide to make. Comment if you want! As always, be blessed and stay stress-free!

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