Pros and Cons of a Two Year Engagement

It's coming up on year one of our engagement and its been quite a journey. I presented the idea of a two-year engagement to Joe aka my fianc-bae. (Welcome newbies!!) I figured it would be beneficial for us seeing as how I'm not working, it'd give us the extra time we needed to finance the wedding. There are a couple of pros and cons that come along with a two-year engagement. Any newly engaged women can benefit from this post. If a two-year engagement is your plan, here are some things to consider. Hopefully, they're helpful. 


  1. Two years to save for the wedding. More money More stuff!! If you intend to have an open bar, a two-year engagement is definitely recommended. 
  2. Two years to plan. Stock up those Pinterest boards and figure out exactly what you visualize on your big day. Ask your fiance for his input of course. The three key things to get his input on would be the venue, guest list, and food. If they really wanna participate, include them on stationery designs, the color scheme, and entertainment.
  3. Two years to change your mind. When planning a wedding, a lot of various doubts come to mind. No, I'm not talking about your fiance!! I'm talking about doubts in terms of your venue, ceremony, cake, etc. When you allow two years between yourself and the big day, you have more time to determine exactly what it is that you want. 
  4. DIY your heart out!! Im DIYing so many things for my wedding. Apart from saving for the wedding in year two, DIY projects are open for business. I plan to DIY so many things for our wedding, which I fully intend to share a few months prior to the wedding.


  1. The waiting game. Most venues don't allow booking until the event is 12 to 11 months out, which totally sucks. I've encountered this issue with our ceremony space. We are renting out space at Romare Bearden Park which is a park located in the heart of Charlotte NC. Most city and park recreational spaces calendars are only set as far as 11-12 months back so they simply can not schedule you in. Keep that in mind if you want to use a public park.
  2. The guest list mystery. You have an entire two years to make new friends and lose old ones. Keep that in mind because you'd hate to have someone on the guest list that you've stopped talking to holding the place of a new found friend or distance cousin. Speaking of the guest list, let your parents invite their friends!!! Even though it's a special day for you and your man, it's just as much a celebration for them. Plus the extra cards couldn't hurt if you know what I mean.
  3. Cutting Cost. When you're not considering a 2-year engagement, you're also pressed for time to deliver. That means you have to make rash decisions on things you may not be too sure about. Less time means more stress. You also may have to compromise on things you truly want or over spend on deals you couldn't pass up.
  4. DIYs in Distress. With a short time frame, your DIYs may suffer in quality and quantity. They're an awesome way to cut cost, especially if your fiance has decided to make custom Air Jordan 1s the groomsmen gifts. Yes, you heard me correctly. My man has lost his mind. But if your man is like mine, DIYs are a necessity. In the mix of planning the wedding, DIY's will suffer.

Well my fellow readers, I hope this post has been helpful and if you happen to have any questions, leave me a comment. As always, be blessed and stay stress-free.

WeddingJennifer Lewis