Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry Review

Crate & Barrel is a home good store. They are in the moderate to high spending range and their collections are often unique and of great quality. Needless to say, Joe and I love this store! We've been gifted crate & barrel things numerous times from my mother. We decided to go to the Crate and Barrel at the Grove. The Grove is an out door mall that houses a bunch of cool shops and restaurants. There's a Cheesecake Factory, AMC theatre, and a Giant three Nike store that Joe obsesses over.

The wedding registry process was amazing! It was so simple and easy to do. You literally download an app and it becomes your scanner. You can download the app once you get there or do it ahead of times on your own. To find the app, type in Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry. Once the app opens, click wedding registry, then create a registry, complete information, and congratulations!! Downloading this app was as simple as one two three. I really enjoyed and appreciated how fun and easy the process was.

Another perk about Crate & Barrel, apart from the easy starting process, is their gifts! They give you a wedding packet, two tote bags, and two stemless wines glasses. The customer service was amazing! We worked with a young lady named Erica and she did a great job on giving us a tour of the store and recommendations on where to start. We found a nice bit of bathroom, kitchen, and living decor which went on our registry of course. If you are getting married and thinking of a place to register, Crate & Barrel are highly recommended.