Burbank Farmers Market

This weekend, Joe and I went to the Burbank Farmers Market. We had a good time and stopped by quite a few vendors. They are open on Saturdays ONLY from 8 am to 12 pm. I recommend that you get there early because parking is free but limited. We also brought our own bags. I hope you enjoy these photos!


Farmers Market Tips

  1. Go with cash because most farmers market vendors do not accept a card.
  2. Bring your own bags in case they don't have any. If they do, save a plastic bag anyway.
  3. Have a budget because it is easy to lose control and go all out.
  4. Talk to the vendors to see if their products are worth the purchase.
  5. Sample EVERYTHING! Samples are important because you get to try before you buy and you get to introduce new fruits to your pallid without committing to the purchase.

The vendors offered a bunch of different samples. I officially became a huge fan of Dapple Dandy Pluots!! They are so good!

Benefits of Wheat grass!

  1. Reduces high blood pressure.
  2. Provides a high source of amino acids.
  3. Neutralizes Toxins
  4. Detoxifies your body
  5. Increases energy level
  6. Improves digestion

This shop was really cool. There must have been every variety of mushroom known to man at her stand. It really makes be wanna branch out from my plain portobellos and criminis. I'm thinking about going for the oyster mushrooms on our next visit. The owner was extremely nice and answered all of our questions.

This place was sample heaven!! We tried almost everything. Almost all of their items were vegan. The owner was very knowledgeable of all of the products and had an awesome deal going. You can get 1 for $5 of get 3 for $12. We decided to go with 3 for $12 and got wheat pitas, spinach artichoke hummus, and black bean chipotle hummus. Everything we got was amazing. He also gave up samples on yummy homemade corn flax crackers. We're gonna get some of those next time. He was extremely nice to us too!

This Juice place was Sample Heaven too! We tried and loved every juice. Joe and I ended up splitting the pomegranate fruit juice! Every juice was amazing though. Next time, I wanna get a detox jug. These juices were selling $5 for 2 ingredient juices and $6 for specially crafted juices. The owner was so sweet and had knowledge of all of her juices in detail. The juice was yummy and hydrating.