Vegan Thanksgiving!

So the Holidays are vastly approaching! This gonna be Joe and I's very first Thanksgiving together away from home. Its also gonna be our very first Vegan Thanksgiving!! I'm super hype!! Originally I planned on cooking an entire vegan spread but our friend Darcelle - who's also vegan - is having a vegan Thanksgiving dinner party! Ya'll know we are in there like swim wear lol. I'm making green bean casserole, mac n cheese, and a red velvet cake. Im making the green bean casserole because I made it a few years ago for my family at Thanksgiving and it was sooo good. I forgot the complete recipe but I think I can still put the pieces together. For the mac n cheese, I'm gonna continue with my same potato mac recipe. Don't fix what isn't broken lol. Well, I am gonna tweak it a bit. When we went to NC, I made it for my mom and she loved the texture but did recommend less garlic and onion powder to make it taste more like cheese, so I will do that. I'm making the red velvet cake to plug my bakery of course. Holiday parties are great for networking so I have to bring something showcasing what I do.

So now that ya'll know what I'm bringing, I'm gonna tell ya'll what I hope other people are gonna bring LOL. Yes, I'm that person that plans my plate out ahead of time. I wanna see some candied yams, collards and kales, dinner rolls, lentil loaf, and mushroom steaks. YESSS and for dessert, I wanna see some cookies, apple pie -which I may make- ,  and sweet potato pie! Oh! add salads too like pasta, or greens.

Are any of you guys cooking for the holidays? Are any of you guys vegan? What are your holiday plans? I'd love to read about them.

Peace & Love

Jennifer LewisComment