California Love | Date at the Getty ($)

My Fianc-bae and I went to the Getty Museum this weekend and had a pretty good time. Joe loves museums so its no doubt that he had a blast. I on the other hand, I do not enjoy museums as much as he does but, all relationships consist of compromise. Even though I didn't care much for a lot of the artwork I still managed to have a good time. I loved all of the sculptures and handmade pieces and reading/learning about their origins. They were really the highlight of the trip for me. The museum in itself was a work of art. It was massive. It consist of 4 buildings and 2 restaurants; one upscale and one laid back. We got to see an amazing sunset over the mountains along with a gorgeous view of the city. The date was so romantic and I think it was the first sunset Fianc-bae and i actually got to see together. We have plans on going back of course, not only for the art but also to relive that awesome view. If any of you guys plan on visiting the Getty I've left some pretty helpful tips below for first time visitors. Hope they're helpful!! 🤗✌🏾

  1. Leave your purse in the car. They check your bags before letting you on the tram so to avoid waiting in the purse check line its best to just leave it in the car. 
  2. Sit at the front of the tram. You get the best view of the city, highway, and the Getty.
  3. Visit after 3 P.M. Visiting the Getty Museum is completely free however you do have to pay for parking. Before 3 P.M, parking is $15 and after 3 P.M parking is $10. The museum closes at 8 during the weekend which still gives you 5 hours to enjoy yourself. So you can save yourself a bit of money there.
  4. Catch the Sunset. You'll so regret it if you don't.
  5. Visit the garden first. We went to the garden last and it was too dark to truly experience its beauty so next time we visit that's the first stop we're making.