Motivational Monday | Mirror of Motivation D.I.Y.

This year I plan to align myself with my vision. I'm using certain tools that I feel are helpful reminders to assist me on staying on path with my vision. Because of this, I'm extending my motivation to you through Motivational Monday post!! The first Monday of Every month I'll be posting helpful tips and inspirational outlooks for going after goals and being steadfast toward your vision. Hopefully you all enjoy these Motivational Monday post and it becomes something that I continue to do over the years! Enjoy!

This Monday I made my own Mirror of Motivation and it was super easy. All you need to complete this mirror yourself is magnets, scissors, post-it notes, markers, happy pictures and motivational/inspirational verses/quotes. Oh yea and a Mirror of course. This took me about 2 hours. The majority of the time was spent studying verses and quotes that speak to my vision. Once I found a good 10 verses I went to the sticky notes. I cut out a few cool patterns then wrote my verses on them. The next is pretty self explanatory, stick them to the mirror and decorate how you see fit with pictures and other nic nacs. I hope you guys try this out. Even though its super easy, I think its also super encouraging to read your vision everyday. Its an easy way to keep your eyes on the prize. Happy Posting!!