California Love | First Impressions

Top Three Likes & Dislikes

Being a Cali newbie for all of about a month, I'm not so sure I can bring you all the detes but I can update you guys on my experiences so far. If moving to Los Angeles is one of those things you're seriously considering doing I specifically recommend this post to you because I'm sure it'll be pretty helpful as a opposed to just diving off the jumping board. To keep things light I'm gonna go ahead and start off with the likes. 

One | The restaurants in Los Angeles are extremely vegan friendly. Joe and I have yet to find one place we went to that did not have vegan options. I'm sure there are some places don't get me wrong. But if you're a newly transitioning vegan like I am, it really helps that you can just stop some place and get something. It really eases the tension of making sure you haul your lunch around everywhere.

Two | In our household, "Juice is LIFE". They have juice shops everywhere. Smoothies, green drinks, you name it. There's always a place to grab one, even the grocery store. Back home we only knew of a couple and they were so expensive but here we can get 2 juices for under 12 bucks which in my mind is a pretty good deal. The best juices, are ones made fresh at home. Until we get our gadgets, its really awesome knowing they're easily accessible.

Three | Although it has yet to show us any love, the weathers pretty awesome. Since we've moved here, The Heavens have graciously been letting the rain fall flood the city. Which isn't totally a bad thing. One of Joe's co-workers told him, the last timed it rained this much was approximately six years. So, its safe to say the city needed it. This rain alone has cleared up about %92 of the drought over here. Don't quote me on any of this, I'm just repeating information. Although I'm happy the rain his handling our drought issue, I'm looking forward to some classic cali fun in the sun days.

One | The traffic is always horrible. Living here I've learned that miles don't matter. If something is 4 miles away it can and will often take you about 30-40 minutes to get there. In Charlotte it never took this long to get anywhere. Driving around here has to be the most extreme adjustment and one of my top dislikes.

Two | For the amount of rent that we pay here, we should be living in a 2 bedroom apt. with a washer/dryer and utilities included. But instead we live in a studio apt and have to share one washer and dryer with the entire building. This is the first place I've lived that I personally have to use a coin laundry. That was not a she's bougie alert it was a she doesn't have a clue what shes doing alert!! When I was a kid I always went with my mom to laundry mats but I was to young to actually help. My first time doing laundry here was quite the experience. I turned on my first machine and forgot to add the soap then later on put the coins in the dryer below the one I had already put my clothes in. It was mess and way more expensive than I remember it being as a child.

Three | The gas is Through the roof here. $3 per gallon is simply irrational and unacceptable and that's all I have to say about that one.

In the mix of road raging, expensive gas, and awesome places to eat, I think we'll find our balance. We've already managed to join a new church home and book fun weekend activities for a few months. If you guys are wondering what Los Angeles, CA has to offer just sit back relax and subscribe to my blog. I'll hook you up with all the detes.



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