Wedding Planning Overload

As a kid we always imagine our dream wedding but as an adult this crap is terrifying. We literally have to plan an entire day to perfection down to the socks. Literally the socks because my husband to be, wants dinosaurs on his. Boy oh boy.. do I love that man. 

First, lets get out in the open that being newly engaged is some what of an awkward stage in a young women's life. I constantly introduce Joe as my boy-fianc-hus-friend. I later clear things up by making the intro even longer saying, "soon to be husband" instead of just calling him my fiance in the first place. Fiance is such a fancy word for "We're engaged now" and its a little intimidating to say at my age. Which leads to the next thing, being engaged at 24 is also awkward. I love my hus-friend to death. I know that we're super secure in our relationship to take the leap toward marriage. Its convincing others that's confusing. When older non-married folk see young people engaged they often follow up with "you guys are so young but love is beautiful". No one really asked but thanks. Lastly, but most certainly not least, you both have no friends in your lives going through the same process as you. All of your friends are fun and single with other priorities and though we love those friends, calling them to talk about learning to clean the bathroom faster by swiffering the shower first is not on their list of need to knows. 

We haven't even gotten into to wedding planning portion of it all. Luckily Joe's hinted marriage long enough for us to pretty much have the entire thing planned out already. Our ceremony and reception will be in North Carolina of course seeing as how all of our family is a long the east coast. The ceremony will be at Romare Bearden Park followed by a reception in the Harvey B. Gantt Center. The catering will be done by VIDA Cantina Mexican Grill, with minor vegan adjustments made by the bride. Traditional cakes are boring and flavor specific so we're doing a cake/dessert bar with cakes and treats baked by Jewell Treats Cupcakery/Bakery. I'll be wearing a mermaid style dazzling dress from Group USA at an amazing deal thanks to my sister/maid-of-honor. We've pretty much got the big stuff down. The only thing is I have to let all these vendors now that their gonna be a part of my big day. Yep, Its all in my head. I have so much to do!! I still have to make accommodations, invitations, and get the bridal party together. Lets not forget the guest list; that ones gonna require a glass of wine with the fianc-bae. 

My wedding will be beautiful and amazing and nothing will go wrong the entire 24 hours. My friends and family will enjoy themselves. Everyone call it one of their best nights out in a while because we will have a night to remember. I will be a mess full of tears and happiness when the night is over all just to turn to my new husband and say we did it. We planned the wedding of our dreams. Because of that, I'm learning to embrace my wedding planning overload syndrome and just power on through it. One blog post at a time of course. See you guys next week. Be blessed and stay stress free!!