JITLI - Day One.

Day 1

Sunshine in a Glass. This juice has a strong yellow pepper taste, that's the first note I got from drinking it. After a few sips the other flavors peaked through. This juice was my second favorite juice recipe.

Sunshine in a Glass

Hawaiian Tropic Green Juice. This Juice is hands down my number 1 juice for Day 1. It wasn't extremely sweet. All of the flavors worked together to make for a very clean smooth juice. I will definitely be incorporating this juice into one of my staple juices for sure.

Hawaiian Tropic Green Juice

Creamsicle Juice. This juice has an extremely high starch content due to the sweet potato and I definitely was NOT fond of it. Me, being the person I am, I drank it anyway. Reason 1, the juice is good for me nutritionally. Reason 2, I'm not one to waste my money. Those were the only reasons I drunk the juice. This was my least favorite juice.

Creamsicle Juice

*Because I did not create these recipes I'm a bit conflicted on whether I can disclose the actual measurements/recipe for these juices. However, I own all of the photos taken and you guys can kind of figure out the recipes from there. Or you could just buy the book ($8.00 at Barnes & Nobles).*

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