JITLI - Day Three.

Before I get into these juices I decided to keep it REAL with you guys. Today was horrible juice day.  I woke up feeling really questionable. I felt tired, weak, hungry but not. My stomach was bubbling but I couldn't poop; it was rough y'all. I realized I haven't had a bowel movement since Day 1 and I was expecting the cleanse to help me go regularly so I was disappointed about that. I felt like maybe I was doing the cleanse wrong. I wasn't sleeping until 1-2 am, I wasn't drinking my juices in the specified order the book recommended. And I really HATE sweet potato juice, like its seriously the worse. Hopefully tomorrows a better day.


Deep Purple Juice. this juice was surprisingly sweet. I liked the flavor combo but after while I got tired of drinking it. The cabbage gave off a weird aftertaste (think of pineapple rine juice but with no flavor, just that tang bitterness). For that reason I wont make this juice again but I would consider playing with the cabbage juice to find better flavor combinations. Let me know in the comments down below if that's something you all would be interested in. :)

Deep Purple Juice

Love those Leafy Greens. This recipe called for Chard but my grocery store didn't carry any so I used beet greens as a substitute (may be why the color came out so funky). This juice was my favorite of the day but only because it was the best of the worst. Maybe if I used chard it would have come out better so I cant speak on this recipe whole-heartedly but I can say I wont be recreating it.

Love those Leafy Greens

Sweet Beet. This juice had sweet potato so y'all should already know how feel about it. The starch in this juice was so thick that I had to strain it TWICE before drinking it. I don't have much to say for this juice expect it was the worst of the worst.. wont be doing this one again. What makes it worst is the recipe called for 2 sweet potatoes and I only used one and it still came out that bad.

Sweet Beet

*Because I did not create these recipes I'm a bit conflicted on whether I can disclose the actual measurements/recipe for these juices. However, I own all of the photos taken and you guys can kind of figure out the recipes from there. Or you could just buy the book ($8.00 at Barnes & Nobles).*

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