JITLI - Day Four.

Just to say, day four's juices really made me feel better. Day three really took me down but these juices were awesome pick me ups.


Veggie Champagne. I really enjoyed this juice however I did make few minor changes. Istead of 1/2 a cauliflower head, I used 1/4 because I wanted to make some cauliflower wings later on in the week. Plus, I figured it couldn't hurt much because the cauliflower was huge. I didn't add the sparkling water because it was optional but overall it was yummy. I'd definitely try this juice again super refreshing.

Your Daily Green. This recipe is a juice I would make even if I wasn't cleansing. I love lemons in my juice. They give off a sour/salty taste but I think it pairs great with greens. I will be making this one again for sure.

Your Daily Green

Citrus Refresher. I also declined the sparkling water option for this juice. I didn't juice 1 whole sweet potato either. I'm such a rebel!! I used 1/2 --that starch was killing me-- other than that I followed the recipe. I loved this juice. Most people may find it to be a bit sour. Honestly, I love sour juices. They give off a nice tartness. Adding sparkling water may make it tolerable for my tart sensitive readers. I loved it though; If you like lemon then don't change a thing you'll love it.

Citrus Refresher

Overall, I must say that day four has been the absolute best day of all. I would recreate all of them along with my minor changes of course.

*Because I did not create these recipes I'm a bit conflicted on whether I can disclose the actual measurements/recipe for these juices. However, I own all of the photos taken and you guys can kind of figure out the recipes from there. Or you could just buy the book ($8.00 at Barnes & Nobles).*

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