JITLI - Day Five.

First, I'm super proud of myself for completing this cleanse. Overall I feel like its done its job in rebooting my body to craving healthier fruits and vegetables. I enjoyed the juice varieties I got to experiment with even though I didn't enjoy all of them. Lets get into these last three juices.

I'm Seeing Red. I tweaked this recipe too. I used 1/4 red cabbage and only 1/2 sweet potato. With those changes I still didn't like the juice. Sweet potatoes are not for juice in my opinion. Wont be making this again.

Easy Being Green. This was my favorite day five drink. Everything in it worked together fairly well. The recipe called for spinach but I used it all on that first day so I switched it out for romaine. I don't think that swap made much of a difference. I'd make this juice again but I wouldn't recommend it for my juice newbies.

Grapefruit Punch. If you don't like grapefruit then of course this juice is not for you. Actually I wouldn't recommend this juice to anyone. The grapefruit flavor added a pungent taste when merged with the other flavors. I love grapefruit juices on its own but I didn't quite enjoy the paired flavors.

*Because I did not create these recipes I'm a bit conflicted on whether I can disclose the actual measurements/recipe for these juices. However, I own all of the photos taken and you guys can kind of figure out the recipes from there. Or you could just buy the book ($8.00 at Barnes & Nobles).*

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