I Got The Juice.

My cousin, Jaclyn, decided to visit me this weekend. I made her a variety of my favorite juices. She loved the prep work and decided to turn the entire thing into a photo shoot. Being that shes taken so many awesome photos before I figured it would be great to collaborate with her on this. Be sure to check out her amazing site as well. The pictures came out awesome as you can see below!! We had a blast making these juices and I decided why not share these recipes too. I'm super excited to share them with you guys along with some key information on why each juice is specifically good for you!! Enjoy!!

Kale Lemonade Recipe

  • Kale| 1 bunch
  • Apple| 2 each
  • Cucumber| 1/2 each 
  • Celery| 1 stalk
  • Lemon| 1/2 each (peeled)

WHAT IS IT? Kale is a green leafy vegetable that happens to be in very close relation to collards. Although there is a wide variety of kale, the two most common forms of kale found in local grocery stores are crinkle leaf kale and smooth leaf kale. Crinkle leaf kale is great for juicing. The iron content is a bit less bitter when extracted into juice. Crinkle leaf also makes for a great edible garnish on platters and Thanksgiving Turkeys. Smooth leaf kale is great sauteed, baked, or slow-cooked in your crock-pot. 

WHERE IS IT? Kale is available all year round, but is most abundant in late fall and winter; December through February being the peak months. Most of the US kale originates in the states of Virginia, New York, New Jersey, and the mid-Atlantic states.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Kale is high in calcium, vitamin A, and iron. Kale also promotes strong teeth. Kale is great for digestive track and nervous system.

Morning Sunrise Recipe

  • Apple| 2 each
  • Orange| 2 each
  • Ginger| 1/2 inch knob
  • Carrot| 6 each

WHAT IS IT? Apples, of course are known to everyone as the forbidden fruit. Apples are great for a large variety of reasons, one in particular is that apples and apple juice are great body cleansers and diet reduces. They also help with an easy bowel movement flow.

WHERE IS IT? although Washington producing a whopping 32,000,000 apples a year, they are normally be found in about every well known grocery store in the main staple flavors like Gala, Granny smith, honey crisp, red delicious, golden delicious and others.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Apples are fruits that heal within. They are good for digestion, kidneys, growth, and blood purification. Apples can be juiced, steeped in tea, or picked and eaten fresh off the tree. Apples even contain 50% more vitamin A than oranges.

UP Beet Juice

  • Beet| 1 each
  • Apple| 2 each
  • Orange| 1 each
  • Raspberries| 1/2 cup

WHAT IS IT? Beets are root vegetables that have been around since approx. fourth century B.C. Beets were originally found in the Mediterranean to the near east. No one truly knows when the beet made it to the U.S. Garden beets range in colors. Beets can go from deep purplish red to the brightest white.

WHERE IS IT?Beets are available all year round and can be found in most popular grocery stores and farmers markets. Peak months for beets range through May to October. Beets can be found in the south, western and eastern regions of the US today. 

 NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Beets are great for adding needed minerals to the body. Beets are high in vitamin A which is good for the eliminative, digestive, and hymphatic system.