Macro vs Micro.

There are two types of foods; there are macro foods and micro foods. Micro foods are foods that are grown from the earth. They contain a surplus of micro nutrients which are essential for good health and a long prosperous life. Macro nutrients are everything else that we eat I.E meat, cakes, and etc. man-made meals. Micro nutrient food is what our diet should have a surplus of but somehow the macros seem to be a bit more appealing to most. Here are a few tips that may make eating these micro nutrient foods a bit more appealing.

1. Juicing/Smoothies - When doing this you can have as many micro nutrient foods as you'd like without actually having to eat all of the fruits and veggies. It takes no time and it’s a super convenient on the go breakfast.

Note: Kale is great for juicing but tends to be a bit strong so add a banana with smoothies and green apples with juicing. It'll cut the taste of the kale and bring to light the other fruits and veggies you add to your juice/smoothie. Also if you're saying to yourself "Well what’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?" A smoothie contains the entire fruit which gives you added fiber which means bowel movements whereas the juice is just juice hence the name juice. :D

2. Roast your ROOT Vegetables: I just set and forget my root veg in the oven and they cook perfectly every time. My method of production is pretty much the same for every veg. I toss my veg in olive oil and salt n pepa. I occasionally get a little fancy with my carrots by adding a little honey.

3. Keep Stocked:  If you keep these items in your house your veggies can never go wrong.
Onions    Bell pepper    Garlic    Honey    Balsamic Vinegar    Olive Oil    Salt    Pepper    Cinnamon  

I hope my tips help you all out a bit. Remember, simple is better. :D


Be blessed!!


Jennifer LewisComment