Hello There.

My name is Jenn and this has now been my third attempt at blogging. Something always seems to get in my way but this time I'm completely determined to see it through. I'm in the process of revamping my site and switching over to square space. For that reason, a lot of these blog post in the month of December were done on my previous site and transferred over. 

To spare you all the fluff of my life, let's just get to the juicy stuff. I love food. By that I don't mean I have a few favorites that I love to shove on down( although I do). I mean I love everything about food. I love to break down recipes and learn about everything in them down to the spices. My love for food is the exact reason I went to Johnson and Wales for Culinary Arts and Food Service Management back in 2010.

I'm a huge health nut and I truly believe that Hippocrates was completely right when he told us "Let Food be thy medicine." I've exposed myself to so many documentaries, blogs, and books pertaining to that quote alone. With that being said, I'm pretty sure you know what this blog is gonna be about. Yep, Foods!! Healthy foods, for dinner, on the go, weight loss, healing, and anything else I can get around to sharing. Who knows where this blog will end up? All I know is I'll be sharing my experience becoming a green being in every aspect of my life. Hope you guys enjoy.

Be blessed!!


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