The Green Being Bakery

How do I Place My Order?

To place your order, simply fill out and submit our order form. Within 24 hours, you will receive a customized quote based on your order specifications. Feel free to ask any questions in regards to customizing orders in the order section of the form. Gluten free flour substitutions are always available at no additional charge!! Note: flour substitutions tend to alter the desserts original texture. Please be as specific as possible to ensure that your quote is accurate. Shipping orders is one of our most recent ventures; We currently ship sweet breads and cookies. We are working diligently to make our entire menu available for shipment. Place your order using the menu below. Thank you in advance for supporting our business!

Order Specifications Examples:

No: zucchini bread | a cake

Yes: 1 lrg zucchini bread | 2 6 in cakes. 1 vanilla bean 1 lemon berry

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Select desired pickup, delivery, or shipment date. Please note all orders require 7-day notice. Orders placed for shipment are subject to expedited/express shipping fees. Deliveries are a $10-$20 charge depending on distance.
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