Welcome to my blog site aka. my world, my life, and my play pin. I'm Jenn. I'm 25. I went to college at Johnson & Wales University in 2010 to become a chef. Shout out to all my JWU Alumni!! I intend to return to JWU for my MBA in the near future. While in College I took a Wellness and Sustainability concentration that motivated me to change my life style for the better in so many ways. I took a step towards health by becoming a pescatarian back in 2013. After being a pescatarian successfully for a bit I decided to be a vegetarian; since April 2016. Toward the end of 2016 I decided it was time I made the full commitment to becoming a vegan. Being a vegan is just a title to me;  its more so about pursuing a healthier life though living a plant based diet and caring for our environment. The change is quite the experience and something you can definitely look forward to reading about.

I am a Plant-based Holistic Chef in pursuit of a career in health, nutrition, and entrepreneurship. Every time I meet some one new, believe it or not the most famous question asked is... What is your best dish? For years I would stumble, I could never think of my best dish. Of course I'd made things my family had loved but I never truly had a signature dish. For a while I thought it was weird, especially seeing as how all of my other chef friends had their signature "best dishes". It wasn't until I got out of college and worked in the industry for a few years that I realized, I don't need a best dish. 

I am a chef that seeks flavor, love, and thought when it comes to creating my meals.I don't have a best dish; I have various cooking styles.  As a vegan chef I would consider that I've turned my cooking style into a hybrid mix between Italian, Asian, and Greek. I love the simplistic cooking methods and amazing flavors found in these cultures. I have aspirations to learn various cooking methods from an array of cultures in hopes to intermingle them with the vegan creatives bouncing around in my head. The main reason for this blog is to document my journey to a healthier life style and hopefully completing a bit of my career goals with the Lords help of course. With this site I plan to motivate others to do the same through recipes and other helpful tips.

I also have a fiance named Joe that I love o so much. I met Joe my last trimester, senior year in college and we've been together ever since. With that being said you'll most likely hear about and from him probably pretty often especially seeing as how we live together and all. Meet Joe.

With one life to live; we've all got to start somewhere; why not share that journey with the world. I've never taken a chance to dedicate an entire site to my life before but I figure it should be pretty cool. Check out my YouTube Channel: The Green Being on the days when reading just seems to be a bit much for you. Be Blessed!!